RAVE Sports Waterboggan™ Banana Boat – 3 Person

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Designed for up to 3 riders
28-oz., 1,000-denier PVC vinyl
UV-treated for lasting color

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With seating for up to three riders, the Rave Sports 3-Person Waterboggan is designed to glide fast and delight the masses. The Waterboggan will keep your family, friends, guests, or campers satisfied with a long, stable ride. This commercial-grade towable features heat-welded seams and durable 28-oz. PVC vinyl that will last for years. And so will the happy memories.FAQs:What’s the difference between a commercial towable and a consumer towable?Commercial towables are generally used for commercial applications such as at a camp, resort, or beachfront concession business and must endure heavy use. These towables are built using 28-oz., 1000-denier, reinforced PVC material and are consequently much more expensive than consumer towables. Consumers can certainly purchase the commercial-grade towables if they are looking for the ultimate in durability and want to pull three to six riders at one time. Consumer-grade towables are typically constructed of 30-gauge non-reinforced vinyl and often have a nylon covering over the inflatable bladder. They are intended more for recreational use and generally accommodate a smaller number of riders simultaneously.How do you inflate/deflate Rave’s commercial towables?We highly recommend the use of an industrial inflator like the Rave Hurricane Blower. With this blower, it only takes a couple of minutes to inflate the entire product. Two-way hand pumps or the output side of a shop vacuum are also commonly used devices for inflating these products. Hand pumps are especially useful on the smaller stabilizer tubes or wings on the sides of these products since they have much smaller air chambers. To deflate, simply depress and lock open the valve or power deflate using the reverse side of your hurricane blower or shop vac.
Designed for up to 3 riders
28-oz., 1,000-denier PVC vinyl
UV-treated for lasting color
PVC-tube handles with polypropylene webbing
Inflated product dimensions: 204L x 48W x 20H inches

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