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Best Fishing spots in North Carolina

fishing spots in North Carolina

When you consider the great bass fishing spots throughout the United States, we believe on of the best states to consider is North Carolina!  North Carolina Fishing is some of the best fishing on the east coast.   You can discover many of these hidden spots among the many lakes with in the state.   Boats can easy enter these wonderful fishing spots.  Keep your boat ready for these waters, and keep it up with Boat Parts from Boat Part Express.

It is said that the top 10 lakes for fishing in North Carolina are as followed:

  • Jordan Lake
  • Lake Phelps
  • Shearon Harris Lake
  • Lake Sutton
  • Lake Waccamaw
  • High Rock Lake
  • Fontana Lake
  • Lake Rabun
  • Lake Jocassee
  • Lake Norman

Fishing in North Carolina

The bass aren’t shy in the stained waters of North Carolina’s water ways, at many of these great water spots for Boaters.   Boaters find great opportunity for a relaxing and exciting time on the water.  Grab your rod and reels, tackle, and bait and bring your boat to one of these wonderful fishing locations.

The best time to fish bass is before a front comes through, and the worst time to fish them is after. The pressure makes the bass more active, so watch for a wall of clouds moving in. When it’s too pretty out, bass aren’t likely to bite.
Forrest L. Wood, Ranger Boats founder and namesake of FLW Outdoors
 Grab your boat and pull it to the nearest lake on our list and simply have fun.  If you never tried fishing or an experienced boater fishing can be loads of fun.  Explore the shore lines, and the deep spots that are full of Bass and other fish species.  Be sure to find the right bait for the fish your trying to catch, as well as have your boat in safe proper operation.   It is important to keep and maintain the right flotation devices for your boat and your own safety.
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